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Trusted By Renowned Transit Systems
Trusted By Renowned Transit Systems

University Transit

Learn about the benefits of providing accurate bus information on-the-go for your campus transit system.


Shuttle Environments

Learn how to reduce stress and frustration with easily accessible shuttle information at your airport or hospital campus.


Public Transportation

Learn about the impact real-time, mobile transit information can have in your city or town.

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For Passengers

Whether it's on a smartphone, PC, or TV display, TransLōc riders can see exactly when their bus will arrive.

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For Administrators

Boost perception and credibility. Administrators often see a reduction in complaints & inefficiencies.

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More reasons to use TransLōc

Improve Perception & Confidence

As a transit administrator, TransLōc's reports can give you the confidence and evidence needed to respond to rider complaints. Using reports, administrators can track bus location, routes, and estimated time of arrival. Some of our customers have seen up to a 95% reduction in complaints.

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Increase Efficiency, Safety, & Reliability

Send important notifications. Increase contractor and driver accountability. Reduce the need for parking. Eliminate bunching. Lower the number of calls made from dispatch. Use TransLōc’s administrator features to improve safety, efficiency, and reliability.

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Upgrading the Passenger Experience

With TransLōc, riders know exactly when their bus will arrive. Using our user-friendly interface, passengers can avoid time spent in bad weather or unsafe conditions. Transit systems using TransLōc have reported an increase in ridership and a lower number of complaints.

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